• Simple and reliable micro-CPU control. 
  • High efficiency > 85%. 
  • Pure sine wave SPWN technology with stabilized output voltage and frequency, noise filtering and low distortion. 
  • Built-in fast bypass switch to transfer between the mains and the inverter. 
  • It can work without DC power.
  • Support communication functions: RS-232 standard. (RS-485 /RJ-45 optional).
  • Provide three groups of passive dry contacts: DC input failure, mains failure and AC output failure. 
  • Rack mounting, easy to use. 
  • Overload and short circuit protection.
  • Two working types: AC and DC.
    • Select AC power type if the facility energy is within specs. When the mains fails, the inverter will work from DC. 
    • If DC power type is selected, the inverter will be fed from the DC source. If DC source fails, the unit will automatically transfer to bypass. 
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